Esys Automation designs and manufactures a variety of Front of Line, End of Line, and Tandem Press Transfer robotic systems.

Safety is the highest priority for all our customers. We can help get your presses to the latest safety standards using the most current safety controls.

To get the most out of these expensive assets we can help you replace your legacy controls and get the most out of your stamping process.

From planning and design all the way to installation and support
our team will help you every step of the way!

What to Expect
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Robotic Systems

Every one of our robotic systems are customized based on your press and stamping requirements. Each robot process is put through simulation studies and designed to be flexible for product changeovers.

An efficient controls architecture is designed into each system to optimize uptime and maximize production.

Front of Line Destacker

Front of Line Destacker

A good Front of Line Destacker system needs to provide a continuous feed of blanks to the press line. Our robotic Front of Line Destacker systems are designed to be flexible and reliable.

  • Automatic Blank Pallet Changers
  • Destacking & Blank Separator Stations
  • Blank Reject Stations
  • Blank Centering Stations or Robotic Vision Blank Pick
  • Double Blank Detection
  • Automatic Robot Tool Changers
  • Line surveillance camera systems
End of Line Racking

End of Line Racking

Our robotic End of Line Racking systems delivers parts to the operators safe, ergonomic, and adaptable for different parts.

  • Automatic Robot Tool Changers
  • Operator Intrinsic Safety Barriers
  • Modular and Flexible Conveyance
  • Operator Racking Optimization
Tandem Press Transfer

Tandem Press Transfer

A Tandem Press Transfer system consists of multiple individual presses with its part being transferred from Press-to-Press robotically. Esys will collaborate with your Press System to handle each stage of the stamping for optimization and speed.

  • Robot Transfer Anticipation to allow Continual Press Motion
  • Press Speed Motion Monitoring and Robot Adaption
  • Automatic Robot Tool Changers

Controls & Safety Upgrades

The life cycle of a press is much longer than traditional automotive systems. So it’s easy to understand how important it is to upgrade the controls and safety systems to ensure personnel safety, OSHA requirements, and replacing outdated components that are no longer available.

Esys will work as a team with your engineering on all types of presses; Tandem, Transfer, Tryout, or Progressive.

Stamping Controls Upgrades

Stamping Controls Upgrades

Upgrading your controls systems will ensure shorter production runs and quicker changeovers. Our team is highly skilled in Controls Engineering and know the importance of commonality, reliability, architecture, and usability.

  • PLC Upgrades
  • HMI Upgrades/User Interface Enhancements
  • Communications
  • Motor Drives
  • Tonnage Monitor Replacement
  • Process and Cycle Time Optimization
  • Plant Systems Interface
  • Auto Die Change Controls Upgrades
Press Machine Safety

Press Machine Safety

Keeping operators and maintenance personnel safe is Priority-1. Esys has performed safety upgrades on presses that were designed in the 1960’s. Each project is unique and requires it’s own safeguarding. We will help you meet the latest industry safety standards.

  • Operator Safety with Safe Distance Calculations
  • Tooling and Die Changeover Guarding
  • Scrap Doors
  • Press-to-Press Safe Guarding