Esys Automation, a full-service automation equipment integrator serving the automotive, construction vehicle, and general manufacturing industries, has received a Supplier Recognition Award from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA US LLC) in appreciation of production equipment developed for the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan production line.

The FCA US LLC 2017 Chrysler Pacifica team awards Esys Automation with a Supplier Recognition Award. The award is shown here being held by Esys Automation CEO Chris Marcus.

FCA US LLC recently recognized Esys during a special Supplier Recognition event held at Esys Automation in Auburn Hills, Michigan. “Our top priority is to create vehicles that excite and delight our customers, and we can only achieve this goal if everyone in the extended enterprise is committed to excellence in all we do,” noted Scott Thiele, chief purchasing officer, FCA–Global. “While new product launches often present unique challenges, Esys’ dedication, sense of urgency, and focus on quality during the launch of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica were fundamental to accomplishing our overall goals for the program. Your team’s performance stood out among all suppliers working on the program — showcasing the mutual success we can achieve through collaboration and innovative thinking.”

The award was in response to Esys Automation’s development of a multirobot workcell that solved three primary tasks simultaneously: inserting a Stow ’n Go seating tub into the vehicle, auto-decking the fixed-glass option over the third-row seating, and etching the VIN on the vehicle’s underbody.

“Working hand in hand with FCA manufacturing engineers, we were able to simulate a complete system that executed all three processes within a compact framework,” said Scott Claxton, vice president of Esys Automation, which provided oversight for the Pacifica project. “By parallel tasking and utilizing automated design tools and simulation, Esys engineers were able to meet the aggressive development schedule while maintaining the highest quality.”

Esys Automation has worked with FCA US LLC since 2008 on a variety of automation and robotic solutions and has been recognized as one of Michigan’s top workplaces by the Detroit Free Press for the past three years.

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